Ice Machine

Ice Machine - Jakarta
I had this sweet juicy dessert called Es Campur, which has all sorts of different fruits including avocado and coconut milk. The yellow fruit on the foreground is Nangka (Jackfruit). The icy part on top is my favorite! And this particular place used that blue and red machine to shave the ice. 

Terribly sorry to that lady on the background for not capturing her very well :)


  1. by Ame on October 12, 2006  2:58 pm

    Hi Santy! Just saw your comment...I think I'll do the City Blog...can't leave all my "family" behind! WAAAAAAAAAAAAH! LOL! ;-) And YUM...on a hot day, Es Campur is sooooooooooooo good! I like Es Cendol! ;-) See you again too...SOON! xo

  2. by Sally on October 12, 2006  3:55 pm

    Looks good!

  3. by John - Melbourne on October 12, 2006  5:56 pm

    Well we just had a high 30 degree day ( that's celsius) here in Melbourne, one of the highest for October, so that juicy desert looks mighty fine right now.

  4. by Lisi on October 12, 2006  11:03 pm

    it looks interesting Santy...should be yummy too

  5. by Kate on October 13, 2006  1:56 am

    Colours on the machine are outstanding!

  6. by Felicia on October 13, 2006  3:10 am

    Yummy and much better than a sno-cone which is just colored sugar water on ice. Interesting, with avocado too!

  7. by kaa on October 13, 2006  4:20 am

    In Singapore, we have something similiar; it's called Ice Kachang. Basically shaved ice with different fruits and coconut milk. The ice is covered with coloured syrup to make it more attractive. Do you use the seed of the jackfruits in cooking? My mum sometimes cooks it and it is pretty good. ;-)

  8. by santy on October 13, 2006  9:27 am

    I'm glad I shared with you this interesting piece of machinery!

    kaa: I don't think we use the seeds, but then again I'm not a good cook so I wouldn't know much about it :)

    Thanks, all!

  9. by sLesTa on October 13, 2006  11:04 am

    actually shanty.. i know people who would boiled the jackfruit seeds and eat it. they're pretty good actually. my mum used to make it when i was younger.. just a good healthy snack i guess.

  10. by Jazzy on October 13, 2006  6:09 pm

    wow what a great interesting machine.

  11. by slinger on October 13, 2006  10:40 pm

    excelent colors in this photo. Great shot!

  12. by Meg Nakagawa on October 15, 2006  4:37 am

    A friend from Manila used to tell me she made Avocado shakes (sweet stuff) which sounded strange to me back then, but you really use it as a fruit, rather than a vegetable, don't you? Hey, I'll try anything once!

  13. by Helen on October 15, 2006  5:09 am

    That machine is awesome looking!

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