Mobil Derek

Mobil Derek, Jakarta - Indonesia

Derek can be a western name, right? So, did you guess that Mobil Derek means Derek’s car? Hehe, not quite… it actually means a tow truck! I had to tow my car which broke down on the toll road, with a help from this bapak on the picture. It’s just one of those dayzzz….

7 thoughts on “Mobil Derek”

  1. Great action shot, and the colors are pretty…I had one of these days 2 weeks ago. (sigh, c’est la vie)

  2. It’s a good photo, but I bet you’d have liked it best if you didn’t have to get this close… :) I’ve had to get my car towed a few times. It’s no fun… + it’s expencive.

  3. Where that happened? Hope in the highway. My fam’s own that company business and been working together with PT Jasa Marga for long time.
    Yes- a tow truck sometimes can be danger- so to prevent from that happens- dont forget to remember the company’s name- the driver name- and plate number of the truck.
    For Shanty- hope this is not going to happpen again.

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